Hot Lime Labs is a spinout from Callaghan Innovation, where Dr Vlatko Materic had been working on ways to extract CO2 from industrial combustion gas using heated limestone.


Vlatko's research initially focused on reducing pollution from power plants, until he realised the economics were inverted – while power plants don’t necessarily want to pay money to emit less CO2, greenhouse growers have a large unmet need for CO2.


Hot Lime Labs raised capital in late 2017 to bring this opportunity to fruition, with a pilot (1/4 scale) plant to be installed at a commercial capsicum grower at the end of 2018.

The Hot Lime Labs' Team (L-R):

Dr Mohammad Nusheh - Lead Materials Scientist, Adeline Bartoletti - Lead  Process Engineer, 

Francis Fowler - Mechanical Prototyping Engineer, Tijs Robinson - Chief Operating Officer, 

Dr Vlatko Materic - CEO/Founder, Jess van Rensburg - Research Assistant


Our Board of Directors:

David Williams - Chair, Greenhouse Industry Veteran

Dr Will Barker - Serial Technology Entrepreneur

Garry BluettAgritech Angel Investor  

Tijs Robinson - Capital & Technology Commercialisation